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This is the continuation of my “William Hooper” Series. Here are the links the the previous parts. Thank you for your kind support. Enjoy!

The Holmes’Boys , The Dream The Meeting(1) The Meeting (2) and The Ho(l)mes


The Pain

Sherlock: You can slap me again and again until you are satisfied, Molly. I wronged you for driving you and William away but it was the only way too keep you, two, safe.

Molly: Say that to William and he will believe you but I don’t and never will. (Sneered) What do you want from me this time, Mr. Holmes?

Sherlock: ‘You’, every minute of everyday for the past six years, Molly.

Sherlock pinned her in place with the sound of longing in his voice and the gentleness in his touch as he caressed her cheek. For a minute, the world around them seemed to stop spinning. Molly inhaled sharply and stepped away.

Molly: Don’t you think it’s a bit too late to bother now, Mr. Holmes?Where have you been when I needed you?

Sherlock: I have been hunting Moriarty’s accomplices and their mastermind, Sebastian Moran. I wanted to make sure that you and William would be safe in your return home. Unfortunately the tasks took me longer than I have expected and almost worn me out.

Molly: Such an heroic action of yours, Mr.Holmes. I could barely contain my gratitude.

Sherlock: Molly…please…I will do everything to make up for the pain I caused you.

Molly: Anything?

Sherlock: Yes…

Molly hugged herself tightly as she firmly spoke.

Molly: I want you (paused) out of my life, Mr.Holmes.

Sherlock: (sighed) William is ‘our’ son. I cannot be anywhere but in his life and in ‘your’ life.

Molly: I will not interfere if you want to see William but you must promise me one thing though.
If I am to be back in London, you must move elsewhere. If I am to work at Bart’s again, the morgue and my forensic lab will be the places that you must avoid. If we happen to meet by any chances, you will pretend that we don’t know each other.

Sherlock: Molly, please… don’t do this to us.

Molly: I have my rights as William’s mother, no one, even the British Government could take that away from me. If you truly want your place in his life, you must comply to my request.

Sherlock reached out for her and tried to protest.

Molly: Don’t!

Sherlock: (stopped short and sighed heavily) I need more time to consider this thoroughly, Molly.

Molly: Three days then, Mr.Holmes, three days.


With the professional help from his beautiful and intelligent wife, Mary Watson, John was able to kidnap Mycroft Holmes and had him tied to the armchair in the middle of Sherlock’s flat.

Sherlock had been expressing his depression through the screaming sound of his violin for six hours straight.

Mycroft: All lives end and all hearts are broken, you care too much, little brother.

Sherlock responded with the highest note that the violin could make but did not say a word. John looked at the siblings and sighed.

John: (said to Mary) They are hopeless, wife. (To Mycroft) Mycroft, you missed the point. You are here to help Sherlock think of how to win Molly back, not to preach him.

Mycroft: You ‘kidnapped’ me, for Christ sake! You and your pregnant wife! Oh…God, this is embarrassing!

Mary: (shrugged) I did asked you nicely, didn’t I? Anyway why don’t you, two, pretend to be adults for a moment and I get the matter solved. You, genius boys, mess things up big time.

Mycroft (huffed): I am an adult, woman. (Sighed and said to Sherlock) Put down the tedious instrument of yours and let’s get this over with, little brother. I have some wars to settle before dinner.

Molly’s Flat, Central, London

Mycroft Holmes sent his black car to take Molly and William from the hotel to her old flat in Central, London.

To Molly’s surprise, everything was left the way it had been six years ago. The flat was nicely polished and ready to be used.

Mycroft welcomed them with a nod and something close to a warm smile. In his arm, there was Toby, Molly’s old cat. She had had no other choices but to leave Toby with Helen, her generous landlady six years ago.

Molly: Toby?

Mycroft put the feline down on the floor. The cat almost jumped into Molly’s arm.

Mycroft: I suppose my job as the feline’s caretaker ends here then.

Molly: You took care of Toby all these years? What happened to Helen?

Mycroft: The generous lady decided to move up to Scotland. (Shrugged) I inherited both the flat and ‘Toby’ from her.

Molly: You bought this flat from Helen?

Mycroft: I had to since my little brother tended to spend too much of his time contemplating plans to drive those realtors away.

William: You mean to say that Daddy…em…Mr.Holmes wants to keep the flat for Mummy?

Mycroft: (smirked) Smart boy, you must be the famous William Hooper.

William: Yes, sir. I believe you are my uncle, Mr.Mycroft Holmes.

Mycroft (nodded): You have done your research, good, we should get along fine. (To Molly) Very well, this should be all for today, Miss Hooper.

Molly: Thank you, Mycroft, for Toby and the flat.

Mycroft: (cleared his throat) I should be the one to say that, Miss Hooper. Although I have never been moved by any collateral damage, I’m not proud of the pain I have caused you and Sherlock.

Molly: (sneered) Pain? You brother? I don’t think so.

Mycroft: My little brother is more than vulnerable without you, Miss Hooper. Throughout the years, he merely got himself killed far too many times that looks almost like the repeat suicide attempts.


Molly sat on the sofa in the middle of the living room, thinking while William resting on her lap the way Sherlock liked to do. The little boy was the miniature of his father. His dark curls and beautiful green eyes reminded her of Sherlock.

William: 158th.

Molly: Hm? What is it, love?

William: You sighed again for the 158th time this week.

Molly: (grinned softly) Did I?

William (nodded): Could you please read this to me? There are some words I do not quite understand.

He handed her a text book on the postmortem scientific experiments that seemed to be far beyond his age.

Molly: Where did you get this from?

William: Dad…I mean, Mr. Holmes said I could borrow any of his books.

Molly: You don’t need to call him Mr.Holmes for me, love. He is your Daddy after all.

William: What about you? Why do you always call him Mr.Holmes, everyone else calls him Sherlock?

Molly: That’s what he wants me to call him. ‘Sherlock’ is for his friends and family (sniffled) and I am not any of that.


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Sorry for such a long wait, this is the continuation of my William Hooper Series. Thank you for your kind support. Enjoy!

Here are the previous parts of the series The Holmes’Boys , The Dream The Meeting(1)and The Meeting (2)

The Ho(l)mes

London City Airport-

Molly Hooper had decided to take her son back to Australia the next morning after the painful meeting with the father of her child, Mr.Sherlock Holmes. No matter how hard her son, William Joseph Hooper, tried to stop them from leaving the country, Molly was not taken in by any of his cunning tricks. She was his mother after all, she knew him too well to be deceived much too often.

William could hardly contain his joy when the immigration authority officers did not allow him and his mother to pass through the departure gate. They informed them that their names were under the highly classified British Government protection list and Molly’s work permit in Australia had just been cancelled.

The very confused and frustrated Molly Hooper made a phone call to her boss in Australia, Professor Margaret A. Bolton.

Molly: Maggie, I think there is a mix up on my work permit. The immigration here said that it was cancelled. I thought you would file the permit request for me. We have already agreed that you want me to teach there for two more years?

Margaret: Ah…Molly, dear, so they have not yet contacted you…

Molly: Who? What are you talking about?

Margaret: An honorable contributor of our faculty, has sent his personal request to me that your excellence forensic skills are critically required back in London. As you may know that we have signed the collaboration agreement with British Government, I have no choice but cancel your work permit request.

Molly: But you should have told me first so we could…(sighed heavily) never mind, who is this ‘kind’ contributor of yours then?

Margaret: You know him already, Molly. He was the one who kindly recommended you to us six years ago when we were forming our first forensic faculty here.

Molly: I have no clue about any of this, Maggie. Now…please tell me who he is?

Margaret: He likes me to call him Mike, such a sweet man, but others called him Mycroft.

Molly: Oh…God…You mean Mycroft, Mycroft bloody Holmes??


221B Baker St.

John paced the living room floor as Sherlock sat quietly in his armchair.

John: Aren’t they mean anything to you?! Molly and your son, ‘you own son’, are going back to Australia this morning, mate!

Sherlock: Three…

John: Don’t pretend to be bloody
dumb now.

Sherlock: Two…

John: Yes…the two very important persons in your life are leaving the country and might not coming back, Sherlock.

Sherlock: One…

John: One?

Molly stormed into the flat with William. Sherlock grinned happily and stood up to welcome them. The five year-old let go of Molly’s hand and hugged the famous detective’s waist tightly. Sherlock patted the boy’s back gently then turned to Molly.

Sherlock: Welcome home.

Molly: We will not stay long.

William: (protested) But Mummy!

Molly: Do I need to remind you that you are still grounded, Will? Now, please go down stairs and watch the telly with Mrs.Hudson. I have some matters to discuss with Mr.Holmes.

William huffed in respond and stubbornly hold onto Sherlock.

William: No! Television kills your brain…

Molly sighed heavily with frustration. John jumped in to solve the problem.

John: Come on, lad. We could stroll around the block, grab some ice-cream while your parents solve their mess. After all I’m your Daddy’s best mate, we should get to know each other properly.

Sherlock: Your mother and I have a lot to discuss, William.

William: Alright…just one more thing (whispered) Mummy cries every time she sees you on the telly. Such sentiment is significantly correlated to strong affection.

Sherlock (smirked): Please tell me you copy that from a book somewhere.

William: Of course, I’m only five, Mr.Holmes…

Sherlock: We might need to work on the lists of books you have access to, son.

William: Why??

Sherlock: No idea. That’s what ordinary parents do, don’t they?

Molly (rolled her eyes): William, please go with Uncle John, Love.


Sherlock sat comfortably in his armchair as Molly stood in the middle of the room, fuming.

Sherlock: So you are going to stand there all morning?

Molly gave him an ugly look.

Sherlock: Very well…Where were we?

Molly: My work permit was cancelled. Will and I are not allowed to leave England because our names are in the Government protection list. Care to explain to me why, Mr.Holmes?

Sherlock: (shrugged) Mycroft’s responsibility is to look after every member in the family.

Molly: We are nothing close to a family, Mr.Holmes. I am not even your friend.

Sherlock: No, you are not.

Molly inhaled sharply as her tears started to well up.

Molly: Good then. Could you contact your brother and get the matters solved? So we can be on our way.

Sherlock: Nop…p, can’t do, Molly.

Molly: (bellowed) Why?!

Sherlock: (stood up and stepped closer to her) Because you are mine and William is our son.

Molly: (stepped back away from him) I am not bloody yours and William is my son, mine, alone. We want nothing to do with you.

Sherlock took another step closer towards her and trapped her in between his arms. He was so close that she could feel his warm breath on her cheek.

Sherlock: I don’t think so, Molly. You have everything to do with me since William is ‘our’ child and we have been in the monogamous relationship for six years already.

Molly: Monogamous relationship? Have you gone mad?!

Sherlock: Probably, yes.

Sherlock then swooped down to taste her lips. The sweet natural scent of her hair and skin bewitched him. He missed everything about his Molly Hooper so much that he could hardly control himself. As she opened her mouth to protest, his tongue swiped across hers. After a couple of good long minutes, Sherlock slowly pulled away.

Sherlock: I miss you, Molly…

Molly slapped him hard across the face twice. She used her hand to wiped his kiss off her lips, eyes filled with tears

Molly: I am not a pawn in your game, Mr. Holmes. Don’t you dare touch me ever again!!

Molly tried her best to squirm away but he wrapped her securely in his arms and said firmly.

Sherlock: You can slap me again and again until you are satisfied, Molly. I wronged you for driving you and William away but it was the most logical choice to protect you and our child. Mycroft and I calculated every possible scenario. You were pregnant with William, in such a vulnerable stage like that, we could not take any risk.

Molly: Say that to William and he will believe you but I don’t and never will.

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The Pain


The 4th part of The Holmes’Boys Series

Here are the previous parts of the series The Holmes’Boys , The Dream and The Meeting(1)

The Meeting (II)

The very panicked Molly Hooper looked around the museum for her son, William. The boy had wandered out of her sight for only a minute.

She finally found him behind a tall specimen displayed shelf in the dark corner of the room. The little guy was talking to a tall man in a very familiar looking sweater and jeans. He lowed himself into a crouch to put a silver necklace chain with a key on for her William.

Sherlock :Here is the spare key to my flat, I guess you know the address already.

William (nodded): Everyone knows it, you put it on your website. (Frowned) Although I don’t think it is very smart to post your address on the public website like that.

Sherlock: You read my website too?

William: Yes, it’s quite interesting to know that there are 234 types of tobacco ash in the world.

Sherlock (grinned proudly): You actually did read my website?

William: (rolled his eyes) You said that already, Mr.Holmes.

Molly walked up behind them. As she got the clear view of the man, her face turned pale so pale as a sheet.

Molly: What is this all about, William? Sherlock??

Sherlock: Molly….

William: Mummy!

Molly: So it was not Mike who gave you the tickets, was it? You lied to me, William. I am very disappointed in you.

William rushed to her and hugged he waist tightly.

William: I am sorry, Mummy. I did not mean for you to be so upset. I just want you to see Mr. Holmes again.

Molly: You know that it is wrong to lie, don’t you?

William: (nodded) Yes, Mummy.

Molly: What should I do with you then?

William: You could ground me for a week or two…but I would prefer the shorter one.

Molly: (Sighed) So you are grounded, love, for a week from tonight.

Sherlock: Molly, I can explain everything. It’s my fault not William’s.

Molly: Of course it is. Who else, could possibly plan horrible things like this; giving a five year-old the pathology museum tickets and telling him to lie to his parent. Who else, but you, Mr. Holmes?

William: No, it’s not Mr.Holmes’, Mummy. He did not tell me to lie to you. I should have told you the truth but I chose not to.

Sherlock stepped closer to his son and patted his back gently.

Sherlock: It is OK, William. (Turned to Molly) Molly, let me explain…

Molly: (cut him off) Molly? I don’t think it is appropriate for you to call me that, Mr. Holmes. We are not even friends.


Six years ago.

Molly’s flat-

Molly Hooper almost collapsed on the cold floor of the bathroom as the morning sickness hit her bad. She had not told a soul about her pregnancy, even Sherlock Holmes, the father of her child. The consulting detective was dangerously busy with Moriarty’s warm welcome party.

Upon hearing the impatient knocks on the door, Molly dragged herself up to open it. It was Sherlock Holmes who was standing at her doorstep. She wrapped herself around him almost immediately. She had missed him and his loving and protective embrace that always warmed her heart. To her disappointment, he did not hug her back but carefully stepped away from her arms.

Molly: What’s wrong, Sherlock?

Sherlock: We need to talk, Molly.

Molly: Alright, I’ll make some tea then.

Sherlock: That’s OK. I won’t be staying long.

Molly: Oh…Okay. (Gave him a nervous smile and sat down beside him) What is it that you want to talk about then?

Sherlock: (sighed heavily) I have been using you, Molly Hooper.

Molly: (frowned) Using me? What do you mean?

Sherlock: I have been using you and your affection for my own benefit. Now it’s become too tiring for me to keep pretending that I have any feeling for you.

Molly: What are you talking about?

Sherlock (rolled his eyes impatiently): Don’t pretend to be stupid now, Molly. You know what I mean.

Molly: You did not mean what you are saying, Sherlock. It’s Moriarty, isn’t it? He forced you to do this, didn’t he?

Sherlock: Don’t be absurd, Molly. No one can ever force me to do anything that I do not want to. It’s just that I don’t see the point of carrying on this tiring relationship as your service is no longer required.

Molly: My service? Tiring relationship? (Shook her head) You said that I matter the most to you and for you I do counted.

Sherlock: (sighed with boredom) That was just to get you to work my plan, nothing personal. People love…such sentimental speech, it works every time. (Sighed) Frankly speaking, you are not even my type, too ordinary…dull indeed.

Molly’s body shook with rage and her eyes welled up with tears.

Molly: Leave now, Sherlock.

Sherlock: Not that I want to stay here long any way.

Molly: Just leave!!!

The consulting detective stood up and walked straight to the door.

Sherlock: One last thing, if we happen to meet again, I will be appreciated if you can call me Mr.Holmes instead. Only my family and friends are allowed to call me ‘Sherlock’.

Molly left for Australia two weeks after the incident. She did not care to say goodbye to anyone.

Shortly afterwards, a paper box was delivered to Mr. Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker St. Sherlock opened the box and found some of his personal belongings and a hand knitted sweater with a very short note attached to it .


I made this for you long time ago. You can throw it away, burn it or what so ever you prefer to since I do not have a heart to do it myself.

Molly Hooper’



Sherlock: Can we please not do this in front of William?

Molly: Why do you care? (Sneered) Don’t tell me that you come to require the service of my son too. Oh…you must be so desperate, Mr.Holmes, that you even wear the tedious sweater I stupidly made.

Sherlock: I wear it every time I think of you, and that’s every night for six years and five months, Molly.

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The Ho(L)mes


My ‘William Hooper series got longer than I have expected. This is the continuation of The Holmes’Boys and The Dream

Thanks for your support as always.

The Meeting (I)

Molly and William had their lunch with Mike Stanford in the park. The chubby man was very happy to see Molly again after the good six years.

William: Mummy, I need to pee.

Molly: OK, Baby, if I remember correctly there should be a public loo just around the corner. Come now, love. (Offered him her hand)

William (shook his head repeatedly and turned to Mike): Can you please take me to the mens? I don’t think it is appropriate for me to use the ladies. Please, Mummy, I’m a big boy now.

Molly (frowned): Hmm? You are only five, love. Let’s not bother, Uncle Mike.

Mike (grinned warmly): That’s OK, Molly. Come on, big boy.


On the way back from the loo, William handed Mike the two tickets he had received from Sherlock.

William: Could you please tell me what they are?

Mike: Ah…these are the tickets to the pathology museum at Bart’s. Your Mummy used to work at Bart’s with me. So you, two, are going there?

William only nodded in respond. He made sure that Molly saw him and Mike clearly but could not hear the conversation between them.

William: I will be very much appreciated if you do not mention this to my mother. Now can I please have the tickets back?

As the five year-old saw Mike’s confusing look, he smiled up at the man and said innocently.

William: It suppose to be a surprise for my Mummy.

Mike: Ah..I see, here you go.

William: (grinned) Perfect. Thank you.

Mike left shortly after lunch. As promised he did not say a word about the tickets.

William: Mummy, Uncle Mike gave me these.

Molly: Pathology Museum? Really? (Frowned) Mike gave you these?

William: Can we please go?

Molly: It’s quite unpleasant to the eyes of children. Are you sure you want to go?

William: He said you used to work there. I want to see.

Molly: I used to work in the morgue and forensic lab at Bart’s but not in the museum, baby.

William (smiled cunningly): Or you might want to take me to the morgue instead? I always want to see how you examine the dead bodies.

Molly: Not a chance, darling. At least not until you are a bit older.

William huffed, put on his sad face and used his quiet protest strategy that almost looked like a sulk.

Molly: (shook her head) Alright, alright…we will go to the museum (turned the tickets to see the entry date) tomorrow afternoon?

William grinned brightly and hugged Molly tightly.

William: I love you, Mummy!

Molly: And I, you, love, but you might not like what you will see, Will. After all it’s a museum, full of taxidermy and specimen.

William: Cool!

221B, Baker Street

John stared with wide eyes as he saw his best friend in a funny sweater and jeans with his hair combed up strangely neat.

John: Where are you going in that costume, mate? I don’t remember having any undercover mission this afternoon.

Sherlock: Bart’s Pathology Museum.

John (beamed brightly): So you are going to see Molly and the mini Sherlock?

Sherlock opened his mouth to deny it but finally decided not to. As he frankly answered John’s question, his cheeks turned slightly pink.

Sherlock: I’m looking forwards to meeting William again. As for Molly, (Paused for a long minute) I cannot deny that I desperately want to win her back.

John (grinned as he patted Sherlock’s arm): This is good, mate. A true man boldly says how he feels for his woman.

Sherlock: (smirked) ‘My woman’? I quite like that.


Bart’s Pathology Museum-

At the entrance, a small group of people waited for their entry round. William looked around with such agitation that Molly had rarely seen.

Molly: William, are you sure that you are alright? If you are scared, we don’t need to go in, love.

William: No! I mean…no, I am not scared, Mummy. It’s just new and I can hardly control myself.

Molly: (sighed and kissed his forehead) You do not need to be too much in control of yourself, love. You are only five.

William turned swiftly as he heard a man in a nerdy outfit and thick glasses, apologizing to a lady that he had bumped into. William’s smile brightened once he got the clearer view of the man. The smart little boy recognized the consulting detective almost immediately.

Molly: What is it, Will?

William: Nothing, Mummy. Let’s go inside. (Reached for her hand and led her way in)

The nerdy Sherlock Holmes was a few steps behind them.


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The Meeting (2)


This is the continuation of The Holmes’Boys

Hopefully, you will find it joyful. Thank you for your support as always. xxoxx


The Dream

Finsbury Residence-21.00 hrs.

“She is obviously an extremely tenacious lady who does not want her extraordinary deductions to be contradicted by the evidence.” - Jack The Ripper

Molly read the story to her son, William, as it was his favorite bedtime story. The five year-old fell asleep shortly after a paragraph. She did not quite understand how the horrid serial killer tales could easily lull her boy ever since he was a baby but William was his father’s son after all.


Molly walked across the room, unbuttoned her blouse and about to change into her nightie. In the corner of her eyes, she saw a dark shadow of a man passed by the bedroom door. She turned swiftly but found no one there.

Molly: (muttered to herself) When will you learn, Molly Hooper? He will never come for you. (Sighed and bitterly smiled) You do not counted.

Molly went to bed, held William close and reminded herself that her son was the love of her life now.


In her sleep, Molly had a strange dream. She dreamed of the famous Sherlock Holmes once again. Although it was not about the last heart breaking conversation that she had with him six years ago, like it had usually been.

The dream of him kissing her lips and palm lovingly was so sweet and delightful that warmed her heart.


When William woke up in the morning, the first thing he did was checking under his pillow. He wanted to make sure that the key that he picked from his Mr.Holmes’ pocket was still there.

To his surprise, in replace of the key, he found two tickets to Bart’s Pathology Museum with specific entry date and time, attached with a note.

‘Unfortunately, I need my house key back. I will give you the spare one when we meet. In the mean time, take a good care of your mother for me.’-Sherlock Holmes

The boy grinned mischievously as he contemplating the plan to take his mother there.


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The Meeting(1)


This is one of my stand alone series. Another take of Sherlolly parent’lock. Hope you find it entertaining. Enjoy!

Thankx for your support as always.



The Holmes’Boys

Molly Hooper and William, her five year-old son sat at a table in one of the famous fish & chip shop in London. It had been six years since Molly last visited the place. William was born on the other side of the world and this was his very first time in England.

Molly: Will, love, could you wait here by yourself for 10-20 minutes? Mummy needs to get some chores done.

William did not answer, he sat quietly contemplating his first day in England.

Molly: William? (Sighed)

William: You sighed again, Mummy. This is the 56th time since we have arrived.

Molly (grinned faintly): You counted the times, I sighed? (Ruffled his dark curly hair) Of course you do…you are your father’s son after all.

William: You have been talking about this ‘father’ person quite a lot. Are we here to meet him?

Molly: I don’t know, Will. I have not yet made up my mind. What about you? Would you like to meet your father?

William: Me? (Frowned) I will need time to thoroughly consider it, Mummy.

Molly: (kissed his forehead lovingly) Take your time then, love. Em…Will you be alright on your own?

William: (nodded) Yes.

Molly: (grinned warmly) Good boy. I’ll be back soon. Just do not…

William: (rolled his eyes as he finished Molly’s sentence) Talk to any stranger or wander anywhere…I know, Mummy.

Molly: Of course, you know. I love you, baby.

William: (reached up to hug and kiss Molly on the cheeks lovingly) I love you too, Mummy.


On the other side of the shop, Sherlock moodily chewed his chips. John laughed his lung out as he read through some news about his best friend on the newspapers .

Sherlock: Not funny, John.

John: (tried to contain himself but failed completely) Sorry, (laughed) mate. But the press are quite creative this time. Who, in the right stage of mind, would come up with (laughed) a story of you fathering an illegitimate child? With Molly even?

Sherlock: Why is it so funny to you if I do have a child with Molly Hooper, John?

John: It’s been six years since Molly moved to Australia, mate. And you, two, were not (stopped mid sentence and frowned) Oh God, don’t tell me that you and Molly, really? Why did you let her go then?!

Sherlock: With Moriarty threatening to rid everyone I care for, the best played out scenario for her, at the time, was to be as far away from me as possible.

John: Bloody hell, Sherlock.


William sat quietly, eating some of his chips while reading his book. Once in a while, he would look around the dinning and secretly deduce people. He was trying to deduce a middle aged man with blond hair and his male partner when a realization hit him. The little boy decided to walk up to them.

William: Excuse me, Mr. Holmes.

Sherlock: (looked at the boy) Yes, do I know you?

William: I believe…you are my father, sir.

John: I beg your pardon? Is this a kind of joke or dirty set up by those bloody presses again?

Sherlock deduced the boy very quickly. The colorful hand knitted sweater, dark curls and beautiful eyes, told him quite a lot of things.

Sherlock: I don’t think this is a joke, John. (to Willam) You seem to be so sure about me being your father.

William: As much as you are certain that I am your son, Mr.Holmes.

The corner of Sherlock’s mouth twitched up a little. The glimpse of triumph and joy was obviously shown through his eyes.

John: Eat with us then. If this is true, we will have a lot to discuss. What’s your name, lad?

William: William Joseph Hooper, sir. I believe you are to be Dr.John Hamish Watson.

John: So Molly told you about me? (Muttered under his breath) And about that bloody middle name too…

William: No, she has never mentioned you or Mr. Holmes but I couldn’t help recognizing the sentimental connection between her and Mr.Holmes so I have secretly done my research, sir.

John: Just loose the ‘sir’, will you? We are not in the military. You can call me Uncle John if you like. How old are you, William?

Sherlock: Five year and four month-old.

William: Actually I am Five year and five month-old, Mr.Holmes. I was born a month premature. Mummy told me that I got bored and decided to come out early.

Sherlock: (smiled warmly and looked around the shop) Where is Molly, I mean, your Mummy then?

William: She went out to get some chores done but I don’t think she is ready to meet you.

Sherlock: Is she? (frowned) Is she well?

William: Yes, she is in a perfect health.

Sherlock: Em…It’s been quite a long time since I saw her. Your Mummy…em…Does she..have…em…never mind.

William: You want to know if Mummy has a new boyfriend?

Upon seeing the faint pinkish spots on Sherlock’s cheeks, John could hardly contain his grin.

John: (patted the boy’s shoulder) You are way too smart for a five year old, William. Now tell your Daddy a little more about your Mummy’s boyfriend, will you?

Sherlock: (rolled his eyes) Jawn…

William: (grinned) She does not have any boyfriend. She has never been on a date ever.

Sherlock quickly dug and dragged John down with him as he saw Molly Hooper walked into the shop. John was a bit confused at first but fully understood the situation when the little William ran into her arms and distracted her with his dramatic doe eyes; giving the two men time to properly hide under the table.

John: Bloody Hell, that little guy is obviously yours.

Sherlock: (smiled proudly) Indeed, John, indeed.

John: But how are you going to see him again? We don’t even know where they are staying now.

Sherlock took out his phone and sent out a quick message. A second later a reply message came in.

Sherlock: (smirked) Finsbury Residence.

John: That’s quick. Your homeless networks have outdone themselves this time.

Sherlock: Don’t be absurd, John. This is from Mycroft. I want full eyes on my Molly and William.

John:(frowned) How do you know that they are staying at Finsbury then?

Sherlock smirked and showed him the keycard to Molly’s room at the residence.

John: Don’t tell me that you just picked your son’s pocket, Sherlock.

Sherlock: We should consider it even since he also picked mine. I will need to borrow the spare key from you. Mrs.Hudson is out of town tonight.

John shook his head and chuckled in respond. The Holmes’ boys were dangerously full of wonders.


Here is the continuation

The Dream


I really enjoy Adam Scott struggling not to smile at Amy Poehler’s hilarity.




I’m in love with this gif. Everything about it. The rain drizzling. The candle flickering. The colors. I love it.



my mom just came into my room and noticed my desktop background and said

“oh that’s so cute i think i recognize it from somewhere did you draw that when you were younger?”




Fun fact: I have an arrangement of freckles on my left shoulder in the shape of the big dipper.

My photo, please don’t remove the credit.





are we just ignoring John Watson’s really tight shirt?


because hot damn


and obviously we know why


because he learned from this fucker 


its even weirder because it looks like the same fucking shirt

One shirt to tight them all

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