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12 Terrific Teapots that Double as Sexy Decor // Brit + Co

I love teapots! I don’t have too many because I should stop just purchasing them as how many do I really need?? Do i really want to be the old lady with all of the teapots? Probably not. But here are 12 gorgeous ones that you should buy anyway because who cares. 



The Mini Sherlock


This is the first part of my first other universe story of Sherlolly. Hope you find it joyful and entertaining.

Take care and have a good day.




Molly’s Forensic lab
Bart’s Hospital- 20.00 hrs.

A four year-old who looked like and was dressed very much like the famous Sherlock Holmes squirmed hard from Mycroft’s arms once he saw Molly Hooper. Molly hold the little boy warmly in her arms. He nestled her neck lovingly as if he had known her before.

Molly: Who is this little guy?

Mycroft: Em…My little brother broke into a Russian secret facility and there was an accident, Miss Hooper.

Molly: (panicked) Accident? Is Sherlock alright?

Mycroft: Yes…and no.

Molly: (frowned) What do you mean?

Mycroft: He was exposed to a biochemical weapon which we are not yet able to identify. We have run some tests on him and found no severe damages except for…

Molly: For?

Mycroft did not say a word further but pointed to the four year old with dark curly hair, pale skin and green eyes in Molly’s arms.

Molly: Sherlock?!

Sherlock: Hello…

Molly: Oh my God! (almost dropped him) Is this really you?

Sherlock: Yes…

He hold on to her tightly like a baby monkey. She stared at the boy with wide eyes.

Sherlock: Watch it, Molly. It would be terribly painful to be dropped from this hight.

Molly: (frowned) Said a man who jumped off this building once.

Sherlock: I am four, Molly. I am allowed to have an irrational fear.

Molly: You don’t sound like one, Sherlock.

Mycrorft: (cleared his throat) My little brother seems to be struggling to maintain his true personality, Miss Hooper. He tended to jump back and forth between his adult self and a four. (sneered) Although there is not very much difference.

Sherlock: Goldfish, don’t speak of me as if I am not here!

Mycroft: Goldfish? Has anyone ever taught you not to call people names?

Sherlock: (smirked) No, I am four. There are things that I don’t need to understand.

Mycroft: You might want to learn that from Mrs.Hudson, little brother. She will be glad to ‘babysit’ you during this tough time.

Sherlock hold onto Molly tightly.

Sherlock: No!!! I want to stay with Molly!!

Molly: Shh…Sherlock, it’s OK. (patted the boy’s back) What about John? Was he, you know, transformed?

Mycroft: (nodded) He is now under the care of his spouse. Unfortunately taking care of Dr.Watson, my little brother and her baby at the same time tended to be too much of a burden for Mrs.Watson. I have no other choice but ask if you could look after Sherlock for awhile.

Molly: What do you mean by ‘awhile’?

Mycroft: Until we can find the cure or if we are lucky, this should wear off eventually.

Molly looked at the four year old in her arms and sighed.

Molly: Are you sure you want to stay with me, Sherlock?

Sherlock: (nodded and cupped her cheeks in his little hands) I know I can always trust you, Molly.

Molly: Alright, (to Mycroft) I will take care of him until you can find the cure then.

Mycroft: Very well. Thank you, Miss Hooper. If you need any assistance, you know how to reach me.

Molly: OK.

Sherlock: (frowned and said moodily) Since when did you, two, keep contacts?

Mycroft: (sneered) You have been away for two years, Sherlock. The relationship between Miss Hooper and I have become quite ‘friendly’.

Sherlock: (barked) Liar!!

Molly: (sighed) Boys please…

Mycroft sneered, bid his goodbye and left. Sherlock pulled the rim of Molly’s lab gown to call for her attention.

Sherlock: I am hungry, Mummy. Me want cookies!

Molly: (rolled her eyes and put him down on a stool nearby) Not funny, Sherlock. Let me get my stuff and we will go home, OK?

Sherlock: (grinned) Okay.


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